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Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #88

Good morning,
Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #88
By Matt Taylor • Issue #88 • View online
Good morning,

The most shared and debated article on our Slack this week was Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times, a technology reporter, writing about rediscovering printed news. In it he talks about making a concious decision early on in the year to forgoe the internet and take all of his news from printed newspapers; and through doing this he talks about the importance of slow news, considered commentary, and knowns over speculative unknowns.
It’s a stunt piece with some really important messages, and that’s why it is quite disappointing that it seems for two months he didn’t quite commit to the stunt part of the stunt piece at all: behold a graph of his last 3200 tweets, including the period in which he ‘unplugged’ and still sent an average of 15 tweets a day, some commenting on other tweets that themselves commented on the news.
Very offline
Very offline
In response to a CIJ commentary on how Manjoo wasn’t entirely telling the truth, the New York Times have said his depiction was accurate, and they will not be issuing a correction.
Farhad himself has responded, on Twitter:
Farhad Manjoo: ask your friends to follow me
What about your dumb tweets, Farhad? I never said I was going offline. I explained I used the internet. I ran into tweets. I tweeted. Lying about what I did on Twitter would be really dumb, even for me. I claimed to unplug from Twitter as a source of news. I did exactly that
5:32 PM - 11 Mar 2018
And with no public editor, I suspect that’s the last we’ll hear about it.
Which is good, the substance of the piece holds true even if some do feel lied to. The news media, in its chaotic click-chasing world of live coverage, compounded by a US president who has no considered response either, is not healthy for our ability to process information.
And newspapers may not be the answer – the physical format is not only archaic in a digital world, it’s also slowly becoming unaffordable (The Boston Globe will soon up their home delivery price by 80%, to $1347 a year) – but something about the behavior drawn out by newspapers might be.
And that’s why it got so shared on Slack, it’s the experience we’ve been trying to build at The Times.
But what else...
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