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Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #85

Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend. Do forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues,
Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #85
By Matt Taylor • Issue #85 • View online
Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend.
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Facebook's week two
Last week I was pretty excited for some potentially positive change at Facebook regarding their newsfeed change. Of course I was mistaken to think too soon that the company could possibly follow this through without screwing something up. This week’s update to the saga was Facebook’s newsfeed head announcing the way Facebook planned to mark trust of news organisations: with a public vote.
Honestly they would have been just about as well off ranking them by the Fake News Awards.
Donald J. Trump
And the FAKE NEWS winners are...
1:00 AM - 18 Jan 2018
Josh Quittner, editorial director at Flipboard, has a few good words on this, and quoting from the Seattle hyperlocal The Stranger:
Diminishing the importance of news in your Facebook feed is only going to penalize those who publish actual non-glossy but important news, which — let’s be honest with ourselves — just isn’t as fun as stories about Morgan Freeman running for president because ‘Killary’ belongs in jail. Which do you think is going to get shared more by the friends and family who will now be inadvertently curating your news feed? I’ll spoil it for you: It’s not the story about school budgets or police reform.
Or this rather shorter, more succinct piece from Gizmodo:
HOLY FUCK, MARK. If people cannot tell truth from bullshit, why are those same people being used to rank publications on a scale of trustworthiness?
We already know what are viewed as trusted media organisations by people, and their leaning almost certainly lines up with the political standing of the person questioned.
Majorities of conservative (55%) and very conservative (58%) adults who believe there is an objective news source identify Fox News as that source. Moderates are most likely to name CNN (18%). CNN essentially ties with NPR as the most named objective news outlet among liberal respondents, while NPR is the top choice among those who describe their views as “very liberal” (26%).
NPR is also the most often mentioned objective news source among postgraduates, at 19%. Fox News leads among other educational groups, but it is mentioned less often by those with a four-year college degree but no postgraduate education (19%) than by those with some college education (27%) or a high school education or less (32%). 
Joshua Topolsky
DEAR MEDIA DO NOT FALL FOR THIS INSANE SHIT. Facebook has literally no idea what you do, and their "ranking" of your content will only create a new game for you to play. Why would anyone take their word on what is and isn't trustworthy?
9:22 PM - 19 Jan 2018
Thanks Mark.
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