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Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #83

Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great festive period and happy new year! This year it would
Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #83
By Matt Taylor • Issue #83 • View online
Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great festive period and happy new year!
This year it would be great to expand the audience of this round up further. Forward your friends and colleagues this email and they can sign up at It can be a great new start to their year and mine!

A nefarious left-pad
The great left-pad crisis occurred when, due to typical programmer arguments, a popular library left-pad was deleted from the NPM repository. In the world of NodeJS, of which NPM is closely linked, it is common and expected for programmers to get lazy (sorry) and for solutions that have already been solved, find a library that does the work for them so they can get to the new problems.
Unfortunately this results in programmer A writing a small module that does something minor, that programmer B then includes inside their module in order to accelerate them to doing something else faster. Programmer C includes programmer B’s module, in order to solve their specific problem faster, and in doing so brings in programmer A’s module by the nature of the relational tree.
This can result in trees dozens of modules deep, all with their own required packages. David Gilbertson wonders what if one of those programmers wasn’t doing entirely what they said they were doing, and instead something much more evil.
Nick Bell, another former NewsCorp VP and Snapchat’s VP of Content, has said that in 2018 the company will double-down on news content. Increasingly, with Snap’s maps feature, the app is becoming a vital place to hunt for eyewitness information, but keeping this all locked into the app without a strong onboarding path makes it a difficult sell.
One thing you wouldn’t have found on Snapchat’s maps feature though is its own New Years party, where the loss-making company’s CEO reportedly spent $4 million holding a lavish event for celebrities including a performance by Drake. The venue was blocked from appearing on Snapchat’s discovery feature via a geofence. That didn’t stop Drake posting about it on Instagram though. Doh.
2018 could be a real make-or-break year for Snap, which according to this report from Casey Newton at The Verge, is trying to change its corporate structure away from a feudal approval system to more delegated, empowered teams. It is famously known that Spiegel runs the business with a sharp eye, but recent failures in products such as Spectacles, and aggressive posturing from Facebook may have had an effect.
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