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Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #76

Hey hey, good morning, I know it says Issue #1 up there. I will fix that. You are not in a time warp.
Matt's Monday digital digest - Issue #76
By Matt Taylor • Issue #76 • View online
Hey hey, good morning,
I know it says Issue #1 up there. I will fix that. You are not in a time warp. Do not panic.
You might have also noticed some other things have changed. I’m trialling Revue as a new sending solution over MailChimp, and this is for a few reasons.
If you’re interested, number one is that I read and go through a load of stuff every week and finding the right content and pasting it into the relevant boxes is not what MailChimp was made for. But Revue integrates with my regular services to make this super easy. So I should be getting some earlier nights on Sundays from now on.
Given that I’ve never talked about what tools I do use I thought I should probably give a shoutout to a couple of them here. Flick to the next heading if you’re totally uninterested.

Three great tools here:
  • is the best (and one of the few remaining) bookmarking and searching services online. It’s ugly as hell, but it does work really reliably, have a bunch of integrations and an API, and most importantly an attractive $25/year archiving service that cleverly scrapes all of the content you save to it so you can full-text search it from Pinboard.
  • is an RSS reader and email-newsletter eater. For $5 a month it offers all you need from a reader in a really fast interface. It’s got simple but comprehensive integrations with Pocket/Pinboard etc, and is really clean where competitors can feel cluttered.
  • Finally, is the best news app out there and they deserve to get copied by Twitter because damn it’s a great idea. Nuzzel simply aggregates all the URLs your friends on Twitter are sharing and ranks them by volume. It then beautifully aggregates the tweets where they commentate whether the content was good or not (it usually is if they are sharing it) with their take in one stream. It’s “reading the comments first” for articles from Twitter and it’s great.
Media links
10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre.
Tech links
How big is Twitter Moments?
That’s enough for this week. Thanks for reading. Please do ping me on Twitter or email with your thoughts.
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